About SaaS UI design

Why I build this saas application UI collections?
Hi, My name is Rakesh Mondal. I am a digital product designer specialized in saas products. If you're here, you're probably like me — spending an enormous amount of time find, understand, and get inspired by today's newest & most trending saas UI design patterns.

In my day to day design work, I had this challenge to get inspirations from existing sass product's User interface, experiences, patterns, and interactions. I never find a single place to get inspiration. This is why I built SaasUI.

SaasUI is a hand-picked collection of the latest saas application's design patterns from saas products that emulate the best in class design.

I've carefully hand-picked saas applications screenshots and patterns from different countries' saas products. For example, I have put up great saas products like Intercom, Freshworks, FreshBooks, Zendesk, Mailchimp etc.

To make SaasUI helpful, I need your feedback! If you have any, please shoot me a line at hello@rakeshmondal.in. For the latest and trending updates, do connect me on LinkedIn
Build and curated by Rakesh Mondal